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Frequently Asked Questions: Nutrition

  1. What is a Registered Nutritionist qualified to do?
  2. What is your treatment philosophy?
  3. How long is an initial assessment?
  4. Do I need to bring anything for my initial visit?
  5. How long is a subsequent visit?
  6. How do you assess my health and nutritional status?
  7. Is Nutrition covered by OHIP or my insurance?

What is a Registered Nutritionist qualified to do?

A Registered Nutritionist works with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of disease. A Registered Nutritionist is qualified to provide a thorough health and nutritional assessment using a variety of evidence-supported tools. The professional is well-qualified to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs to optimize health and prevent future illness.

What is your treatment philosophy?

Our treatment philosophy is to first identify the underlying CAUSE of the problem, and any underlying imbalances in the body that could contribute to dysfunction. Only after we've done this can we then set the body on a course to be able to heal itself, the way it was designed to do.

How long is an initial assessment?

The initial visit will be 1.5 hours in length.

Do I need to bring anything for my initial visit?

Yes. Prior to your visit, we will send you a Client Intake Form, a Diet Diary and Hormone Questionnaire (women only) to be filled out. We will provide you with full instructions on how to do so. Further, if possible, it would also be beneficial to obtain a copy of your most recent laboratory test results that may have completed through your family physician.

How long is a subsequent visit?

Subsequent visits are 45 minutes in length and are recommended 2 to 4 weeks after the initial visit, depending on your individual goals. As the body begins to restore balance, dietary and supplementation needs may change. Protocols are designed to support the client every step of the way while providing encouragement in between visits.

How do you assess my health and nutritional status?

This is done through several tools. Firstly, as noted, you will be filling out a detailed intake form, a diet diary, and (for women) a hormone questionnaire. These will be analyzed.

Further, we may use Darkfield Microscopy (live and dry blood cell analysis) to look at the state of your health at the cellular level. This tool is useful for providing information on the oxygen carrying ability of your red blood cells, immune system status, liver/digestive function, free radical stress, pH imbalances, mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and more.

We also use an accredited medical laboratory (Rocky Mountain Analytical) that offers tests designed to find trouble spots before the trouble really starts. This includes testing hormone levels, food reactions, environmental toxins and essential fatty acid levels to help us identify potential health problems before they start.

Overall, you can expect an extremely thorough and comprehensive analysis of your nutritional health.

Is Nutrition covered by OHIP or my insurance?

As a member of CAHN-Pro, The Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, your services may be covered under your extended health insurance plan. Please check with your provider for coverage details under "Registered Nutritionist". Coverage may be provided under Naturopathy with an ND (Naturopathic doctor) referral to a Registered Nutritionist.

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