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Custom Orthotics

Much like tires on a car give a vehicle a foundation of support for stability and performance, our feet function to do the same for us. When tires get old and worn, and don't offer the same support and stability that they once did, we simply replace them. Unfortunately we cannot replace our feet! Our only option is to give them the correct mechanical support so that they can continue to function as they were intended to. Custom orthotic therapy allows one to correct faulty foot mechanics by normalizing motion and offering shock absorption. Orthotics are mechanical aids that fit into your shoes as comfortably as an insole - and they have the advantage of having been custom made from precise imprints of your feet.

Some individuals may experience symptoms of faulty foot mechanics which may include but are not limited to: localized foot pain, bunions or hammer toes, arch or heel pain, leg, ankle, hip, and knee pain, and back pain. Others may not have obvious symptoms of faulty foot mechanics but may still benefit from orthotic therapy to prevent long-term problems. This may include individuals who spend a good portion of the day standing or walking on hard surfaces, individuals with a family history of foot related problems, and individuals who participate in sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, or running on a regular basis. Faulty foot mechanics arise for different reasons ranging from genetic predisposition, to the normal aging process where ligaments, muscles and joints fail to support our bodies like they once did.

Custom-made orthotics can relieve many different types of pain arising from faulty foot mechanics, including:

Heel Pain

Arch Pain

Pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics

Pain related to Diabetes

Pain experienced by senior citizens

Ankle, Leg, Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain

The feet are an individual's contact points with the ground, so how they support the rest of the body is critical. Our feet have nearly 100 individual working parts, which all have to function together to provide proper stability and balance. While simple, commercially made devices such as heel cushions, or shock absorbing insoles for shoes can be purchased over-the-counter in drug stores or other retail establishments, they are made for the general public and may not be addressing the specific needs of your feet. The most effective orthotics are custom-designed devices specifically crafted to meet the needs of the particular individual. Mechanical dysfunction in our feet has the ability to put undue stress on other parts of the body, predisposing us to wear and tear and injury. Prevention and correction is key!

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