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Karen Rosborough

Karen Rosborough

Why I Work at KTC

Karen Rosborough

I was warmly welcomed to the KTC team in the fall of 2020 as an office administrator. It has been a wonderful opportunity to be part of a team that values an integrated, holistic approach to health and wellness; and to work alongside professionals who are devoted to helping people live their best lives.

It is important to me to spend my time doing meaningful and rewarding work, to serve my community and to feel part of it. Getting to know patients and witnessing their progress from injury or illness to optimum health has been very rewarding.

I value excellent customer service, so I give it in return. I take pride in helping the practice run smoothly and treating people with respect and compassion, making them feel welcome and taken care of while they are in our clinic.

About Me

Although I grew up in a suburb of north-east Toronto, I had the privilege of spending all my summers at our family cottage on Four Mile Lake right here in the Kawarthas. That is where my love of nature began. My awe and curiosity as well as concern for the state of the planet’s health and future drew me toward conservation. I majored in environmental science at the University of Toronto (which is where I met my husband—Josh Feltham).  After graduating, I worked at wildlife and conservation organizations, including World Wildlife Fund Canada—until I became a mother. And then life moved in a different (but wonderful) direction.

When our boys (Liam and James) were 6 and 2, we decided our family needed a change. A dramatic change. We sold our house and car and moved to a remote biological research station in the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica. To many it seemed crazy and dangerous with the venomous snakes, poisonous plants, tarantulas and scorpions. But to us, it was an amazing way to reconnect with each other and nature; to live simply, away from the pressures and distractions of life in a North American city; and to make a difference by doing something worthwhile, something bigger than ourselves, something for conservation.

We helped run the research station, conducted marine turtle research, participated in bird, amphibian, and reptile surveys, and documented our tropical life as it unfolded. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. And when my mom’s health started declining, we headed back to Canada and settled in Lindsay. We have lived here ever since.


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